two films have hit the screens last friday. "telugites" might be wondering what to watch this weekend.let me save you from ur dilemma.

DUNKRIK;-it seems naoln eyed on Oscar this time and surely he will get it this attempt.if u r a great fan of christopher noaln and u expect Dunkrik to be like "interstellar" and "inception".,then this film fails to entertain u.because frankly., this movie got no twists and strong story plot as in the other two.this movie revolves aound war field and it got no particular storie. but it shows the intensity of war with wonderful visuals.it is just like "Gravity"(with no proper story) and "Saving private ryan"(war film).if u watched any oscar movies succesfully before then this movie is for u.because this movie is just like other oscar film(pleases only critics).and the "Background score" is best thing u will get..,cos it makes u watch two hours fifteen minutes drama.finally., it is a two hours war documentry with great visuals.,greatest background score.
P.S:- TOM HARDY isn't hero of this film.

FIDAA:-MISTER failed miserably and LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL failed to be a classic hit in telugu states.but with no big movies coming around,"Fidaa" hit the screens with so much expectations. shekar kammula got a soft corner in Telugites with classics like "Anand" and "Godavari".Varun and Pallavi looks so fresh and beautiful. Pallavi's slang is catchy(don't wanna beat around the bush.,she attracts u man..,)and surely tollywood got another premam heroine.I don't wanna be a much spoiler now.,it is a classic film and u  will get minmum entertainment from shekar kammula. I recommend Fidaa 

     it's yor choice now!
P.S 2:-RIP English


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